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Potentially the “jewel in the crown” of the Romsey Ecotherapy Park, the Sensory Therapeutic Space has now commenced construction with completion expected by June 2022. 

The science endorsing the therapeutic benefits of being in nature is emphatic and the “healing” benefits of sensory gardens have been adopted in many settings including hospital ones. 

The Sensory Therapeutic Space will feature raised garden beds including plants with scents, textures and visual spectacle to engage the senses with the background therapeutic sound of running water features. Adjacent seating nooks will provide an opportunity for refuge from everyday life. 

Wandering across the lawn space, one enters the rocky gorge (a pathway confined by vertical stone elements) en route to the labyrinth gathering space. 


Standing at 5 metres tall, the towering kinetic wind sculptures in this Space will be visible across the Park.


A water play system including hand pumps, natural channels and sluice gates will be complimented by the ephemeral (seasonal) billabong. Wheelchair accessible, the terraced sand pit will have wide appeal.

Innovative art installations will feature prominently throughout this space, further cementing the Park’s cultural attraction. 


The Sensory Therapeutic Space will be unique to the region.


The Sensory Therapeutic Space has been funded by the Victorian State Government (Regional Development Victoria), Macedon Ranges Shire Council and the Bendigo Bank. 

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