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The Romsey Water Clock

(Anton Hasell)

Gentle flowing water and a regular chime sets a person into dreams of distant, magical places like that island in the middle of the lake. The sonorous chime of the bell also tunes into the ambient soundscape of the parkland, the call of birds, and the scent of plants, awakening one to nature’s fresh vitality in this garden landscape.  

Anton Hasell, the renowned sound sculptor responsible for Melbourne's Federation Bells has created a unique centerpiece concept for inclusion in the Sensory Therapeutic Space's labyrinth paved area. This Romsey Water Clock will be a draw card focus that will engage, enchant and soothe. 


(Brigit Heller)

Marking the entrance to the Romsey Ecotherapy Park, “Portal” will be visible from the road. The work, elegant rather than monumental, is situated near the Park’s north-west entrance. It will entice visitors as well as passers-by to explore the Park. Inspired by forms in nature, the work offers a connection between the infrastructure and the natural environment of the Park. Soft forms and warm tones will complement the historic school building's brickwork providing the work with a presence of its own. “Portal” will announce one’s entry to the special place in nature – Romsey Ecotherapy Park.



The Story Telling Chair

(Richard Yates)

The power of storytelling on imagination, emotional connection, personal catharsis and general wellbeing for all ages is well documented. Imagine, then, the value of an artisan crafted wooden "storytelling chair" under the canopy of the historic oak tree in Romsey Ecotherapy Park where storytellers of all ages can tell their tales (real and make-believe) to those listening and seated on mushroom-like wooden stools!

Featuring carvings of local wildlife and books, the Romsey Ecotherapy Park’s Story Telling Chair will be a functional work of art that will add to Art in The Park’s impressive array. 



(Charlie Aquilina)

Standing at 2 m on the Sensory Therapeutic Space lawn and forged from stone, steel and copper, "Cycles" is (at one level) a depiction of the annual cycle which occurs in every garden. At another level, it represents the cycle we experience as we pass through life and engage with our surrounds. With different features on each face of the Macedon Ranges basalt stone base, copper and corten will interact with the basalt stone and oxidize over time to an orange brown and rich green patina respectively.

The Romsey Harmonic Bell Tree

(Anton Hasell)

The Harmonic Bell Tree brings the healing experience of chimes (deeply felt in Asian cultures) to Romsey. Sublime experiences of gentle rippling musical sound infuse mindful connections to a place and a time.  Three parabolic harmonic bells in golden bronze stand one above the other on a galvanized steel post like a strangely beautiful abstract tree. A Crimson Rosella in its bright plumage, cast in bronze at life scale, perches on the top bell, ready to take flight as the air fills with musical flair. Positioned in the middle of the Park’s Sensory Therapeutic Space, the three bells are tuned to sound the C-E-G chord when patted by hand in a humming, resonant peal.  Positioned at a height that makes touching the bells available to everyone, the bells reverberate with a long and slow decay into a special silence that can attune a person’s listening intensity and sensitivity. 

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Spring Leaves, Gingko Tree, Silver Leaves

(Rudi Jass)

Kinetic wind sculptures are mesmerizing, almost meditative, pieces of art that incorporate the clever use of sculpted blades which, driven by wind, create numerous patterns. Visible from all areas of the Romsey Ecotherapy Park, Rudi Jass will create three 5 metre high sculptures to be positioned near the water and sand play areas of the Sensory Therapeutic Space. They will each be adapted to feature unique blade leaf design to reflect aspects of the Park. The 'leaves' will change with light and shade. Spring Leaves, Gingko Tree and Silver Leaves can be viewed in motion in the videos.


The Meeting Place

(Glenn Romanis)

The Meeting Place low totem and stone sculpture will be site specific with a visual and tactile reference to the region. Situated at a major pathway junction between the Active Nature, Arts Culture, Woodland Ramble and Sensory Therapeutic Spaces, the low stone totems will also function as seating within engaging story-based paving and shaded by a central specimen tree.







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